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Your new home is probably the biggest purchase you've ever made. You put a lot of time and money into your home. Since your home is your biggest asset, it's important that you protect it, along with your financial future, from the potentially devastating impact of property damage, theft, or a personal liability claim.

Home insurance is one means to protect your investment. Understanding your personal needs, you bring together a package of different coverage to provide as much protection as you feel necessary. Home insurance can protect you from damages to your home, its contents or even from financial liability if someone outside of your household is injured and you are found to be responsible. Taking the time now to understand home insurance will help you to fend off potential financial misfortune in the future.

A basic home policy covers perils, which are specifically named risks such as lightning, theft, fire, smoke, wind and explosion. One thing to remember with this type of policy; any risk that is not mentioned specifically in your policy is not covered. From some insurance companies you are able to purchase special policies that cover the house for all perils except those explicitly excluded by the policy though, such as pet damage.

Have you considered all your options when buying homeowners insurance? As an independent agent representing several highly rated insurance companies, the professionals of Horizon Coast Insurance and Financial Services, LLC have the experience, expertise and resources to design an insurance program that fits you, your home and everything in it. We can offer:
  • Insurance for your home
  • Insurance for your personal property such as furniture, clothing and appliances
  • Scheduled valuable articles coverage
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Replacement cost coverage
  • Various deductibles and coverage limits
  • Protection from losses due to fire, lightning, burglary, vandalism, tornadoes, storms, and more

Let the qualified agents of Horizon Coast Insurance and Financial Services, LLC help you choose a quality insurance policy. We are committed to deliver the high caliber products and service you expect when doing business with Horizon Coast Insurance and Financial Services, LLC.

Please ensure you complete the quotation form as accurately as possible in order to ensure the best possible estimate. If you would rather speak to one of our representatives, Please Call (732) 521-3040 or e-mail: info@horizoncoast.com to setup a confidential consultation.

Completion of this form is for informational purposes only, and is just an estimate and is not a statement of contract. Coverage may not apply in all states. This WILL NOT result in a new policy, or change to an existing policy. For complete details of coverage, conditions, limits and losses not covered, be sure to read the policy, including all endorsements
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Information About Your Home

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The type of coverage you are looking for:
Do you own or rent the property you would like to insure? Own Rent
Do you occupy this property:
Yes, primary home
Yes, seasonal home
No, I do not occupy the home
Do you belong to a condominium association? Yes

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Have you had more than one homeowner's claim in the last 3 years?Yes

<td >

<td > No

Is there any business activity, including farming, conducted on your property?Yes

<td >

<td > No

  If yes, please explain:
  If yes, is this your primary source of income?

YesNoDo you have livestock (e.g., horses, cows, goats and sheep) or farm structures on your property?YesNoIs your home...

  Located within 1,000 ft. of a gulf or ocean?
  Located within 5 miles of an intercoastal waterway or the ocean?


  Located within 500 ft. of native brush?
  Located within 1,000 ft. of a fire hydrant?

YesNoYesNoHow far is your home from the responding fire station?

Less than 1 mile
1-2 miles
2-5 miles
Greater than 5 miles

Check the following features of your home, which may result in a discount. *

Smoke alarms on each level
Deadbolts on all exterior doors
Central Station Burglar alarm system
Central Station Fire alarm system
Local Burglar alarm system

  Dwelling Details(Do not fill out if you are looking for rental or condo coverage)

<td >
How many stories is your home?  
What is the age of your home?

<td > 

Insurance companies may require current updates (within 20 years) to Heating, Plumbing, Electrical and Roof. Homes over 40 yrs old, will likely be subject to an interior inspection to verify proper updates have been completed.

<td > 

If your home is greater than twenty years old, when were the following items last updated?

<td > 

Roof 1-2 yrs 2-5 yrs 5-10 yrs 10-20 yrs Greater than 20 yrs or n/a
Electrical System 1-2 yrs 2-5 yrs 5-10 yrs 10-20 yrs Greater than 20 yrs or n/a
Heating System 1-2 yrs 2-5 yrs 5-10 yrs 10-20 yrs Greater than 20 yrs or n/a
Plumbing System 1-2 yrs 2-5 yrs 5-10 yrs 10-20 yrs Greater than 20 yrs or n/a

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<td >

<td > 

What is the exterior construction of your home? What is the foundation of the home? What materials is the roof composed of?  Please give any additional comments you feel appropriate for this quotation

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