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Investment Advisory Services :

An important next step in implementing a successful financial plan is establishing a comparable investment strategy. Our investment strategies apply asset allocation and money management principles to achieve the specific financial objectives of each client.

As a Registered Investment Advisor Representative, and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ CFP® we can identify efficient ways of investing with consideration of your stage of life, personal priorities, risk tolerance and liquidity. We can help you achieve a range of goals, including:
  • Ensure that your asset allocation-your mix of stocks, bonds and other investments-is appropriate for your objectives and includes diversification strategies for concentrated stock positions.
  • Help you keep more of what you earn by planning carefully and committing to long-term, tax-smart investing strategies.
  • Find a portfolio manager to manage your investments for you, according to your wishes.
  • Use estate planning to maintain current financial security while preparing for the preservation and transfer of wealth.
  • Identify efficient ways of investing with consideration of your risk tolerance, involvement in managing your investments and liquidity.
In all cases, your money will be managed according to disciplined asset allocation philosophy, designed to return peace of mind under a variety of market conditions. Our approach guides us in building a portfolio balanced to achieve your objectives, in carefully managing risk through diversification, and in adjusting your portfolio as your situation and market conditions change.
Investment Strategies:
We will build your strategy on an asset allocation recommendation to diversify your holdings, which may include:

  • Stocks for growth and inflation protection.
  • Bonds for added stability and more predictable returns.
  • Cash or low-risk money market instruments to meet liquidity needs and take advantage of new investment opportunities.

Within these broad categories, there is likely to be a range of investment styles that can help balance a portfolio designed to achieve more than stocks or bonds can alone.

Our managed equity portfolios emphasize long-term growth, by investing using these strategies:

- Aggressive Growth
- Value-driven Growth
- Growth & Income
- Income
- Mid-Cap Value
- Small-Cap Value
- Small-Cap Growth

Our fixed income strategies focus on the credit quality of bonds to protect your principal. Your goals will determine which approach we use:

- Generating a reliable stream of income.
- Increasing total return by moving quickly to take advantage of expected changes in    interest rates.
- Exempting interest income from federal taxes by investing in municipal bonds.

You will benefit from strategic thinking, and a disciplined, tax-efficient approach that can result in more consistent, competitive after-tax performance.

Our Services:

We provide both discretionary and non-discretionary investment advisory services including portfolio reviews, analysis, recommendations, and modification with respect to various investments. The type of investment plan will depend on client individual situation, investment objectives, risk tolerance, net worth and other various suitability factors.

In conjunction with the client, we assist client through a structured process through the design, implementation, and management of client portfolio investment plan. This process usually involves activities in one or more areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Create a plan for Client portfolio:
    - Analyze Client current portfolio
    - Determine Client tolerance for financial risk
    - Prepare an Investment Policy Statement to provide specific - investment guidelines   and expectations.
    - Develop a target asset allocation
  • Implement Client plan:
    - Recommend specific investment choices
    - Assist in the transfer of accounts to a consolidated portfolio
    - Setting up new custodians & accounts.
    - Limited Power of Attorney to trade on client behalf
      Monitor plan performance
  • Evaluate investments for continued suitability:
    - Review performance of client portfolio
    - Evaluate major economic and market trends and recommend tactical changes in   client portfolio strategy.
  • Rebalance client portfolio:
    - Rebalance as client goals, needs, resources and timetable change over time
    - Rebalance so client overall portfolio remains consistent with client strategic plan and   asset allocation.
To learn more about how Investment Advisory Services fits into your overall plan, please complete the Registration Form below or Please Call (732) 521-3040 or e-mail: to setup a confidential consultation.
Securities, Mutual Funds, Investment, and Insurance Products:
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